Top 10 Interior Design Trends for 2019

To say that the new year brings a new you is certainly a cliche, but for good reason – now is the time to refresh things in every aspect of your life, from renewing that gym membership to giving your home a little spruce and shaking things up. Whether you’re decorating from scratch or just looking to upgrade the look, here are the top 10 interior design trends to look out for in 2019!

1. Velvet

Velvet has been wildly popular in the past couple of years, and it’s still going strong in 2019! Nothing offers the same lavish, extravagant feel to a space, which is why it’s on our list for 2019 trends. Mostly, we’ve seen velvet make an appearance in sofas, chairs, ottomans, etc; seating, in general. There are certain styles and colours that are usually paired with it – dark green, dark blue, powder pink – but it’s so ubiquitous now, that you can probably get it in any colour you want. Just imagine a red velvet sofa and what a show stopper it would be in your living room.

Velvet inspiration from West Elm

2. Starry designs

Astronomy, astrology, and space-themed designs have been solidly gaining traction as of 2018 not only in interior design, but also in fashion, makeup, and even in stationery. Everywhere you turn, there’s a dress with a starry pattern, a constellation notebook or necklace, and now, even constellation wallpaper or other interior design elements. There is nothing subtle about it – the design is usually sparkly or metallic, but it is undeniably beautiful, and it can bring a really fresh and dreamy ambience to the room. It’s particularly popular with teenagers, but adults can enjoy it in subtle ways, all the same.

Wallpaper ideas from Little Hands

3. Bold, saturated hues

After years of neutrals and monochrome styling, we were starved for colour, and we might get it in spades in 2019. Bold colour palettes are back, and they can transform a space with just a few brushstrokes. Picture an electric blue sofa with blood orange curtains and a yellow rug. Or a room with red walls and pink furniture. It’s definitely a statement; there’s no question about that. It will not be to everyone’s tastes, and some of these colours and patterns will clash. But it’s incredibly fresh and a swing in the other direction from the monochrome we’ve been seeing over the last few years.

Bold colours featured by Center Tables

4. Biophilia

Who doesn’t love plants and nature? And this year, we’re going to love them the most, because botanical inspiration is in, and so is actual greenery incorporated into your space. Combining interior and exterior spaces is very modern and can feel very fresh and new. The best thing about bringing plants in is that they introduce a pop of colour in any space, without completely taking over.

5. Aquatic designs and decor

Themes are popular right now, and just like the starry decor, aquatic designs are also coming in strong. From mermaid scale tiles in the bathroom to oyster shell inspired velvet chairs or scalloped edges to furniture and materials, aquatic inspiration is delicate, feminine, and very otherworldly. Like starry themes, aquatic designs can be a much-needed touch of whimsy in a space, and serve as beautiful visual interest and added texture.

Ocean vibes from Center Tables

6. Warm colour palettes

In recent years, we’ve seen a lot of black and white, greys, and other neutrals, but warm and natural colour palettes are creeping back in as of this year. Browns, rich yellows, mustard’s, burnt oranges and sienna are just a few of the shades you can expect to see in interior design, going into 2019 and beyond. Warm, rusty colours have been having a moment for the past year in fashion, so it was only a matter of time before interior design followed suit.

7. Dark kitchens and bathrooms

It’s amazing to have a bright kitchen, but have you considered going dark with it? The latest trend in kitchen design is to forego the white furniture and go for deep shades of navy. It can look incredibly sophisticated and expensive, especially paired with dark countertops and brass detailing. You can’t get more modern than that. A darker colour scheme is also preferred in bathrooms because it offers a touch of understated luxury and a swish feel you usually get in a pricey spa. It’s all about creating an experience.

Darker kitchen cabinets from Scavolini

8. Brass

We’ve left rose gold back in 2014, so say goodbye to that and hello to brass, the newest metal that is gaining popularity in homes. Especially used for piping and faucets in bathrooms and kitchens, brass is an interesting addition, because it can change the look of your room, albeit in subtle ways. It is much less “flashy” than rose gold and has more depth than stainless steel and other overly polished alternatives. It has a warm quality to it that works very well with other new materials, like concrete.

Brass inspiration from RV Astley

9. Curvy, feminine lines

Trends over the last few years have mostly brought us clean, geometric, almost harsh lines when it comes to furniture, but that’s about to change. 2019 will see a shift towards softer lines and shapes, with curvier furniture gaining popularity. Paired with softer, “dustier” colours and pastels such as millennial pink, it makes for a very romantic style that’s in direct contrast with the more masculine-inspired design trends we’ve witnessed as of late.

Furniture inspiration from West Elm

10. Concrete

And speaking of harsh lines, looks, and materials, use of concrete is on the rise in 2019. Bathrooms are given preference when working with this material, but you will also be able to find it in kitchens. Concrete has a very strong presence when it’s incorporated in the interior design, like this, and it can quickly become overwhelming, so you have to be very careful how you use it. Concrete countertops work great in the kitchen, and they go well with the tendency towards darker kitchens and can also be an interesting contrasting element to other softer ones or more romantic and feminine.

What is the 2019 interior design trend that you’ll be incorporating into your home?