Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer

When it comes to home renovation and other kinds of interior design projects, homeowners often have doubts about whether they should hire an interior designer. Renovation and remodelling projects require significant investments before it reaches the Interior Design phase, often leaving the decision of hiring a professional to plan and execute interiors, as optional. In this article, we would like to explain why when making such a significant investment, you should go all the way and have all the phases until the last touches handled by professionals.

At Roomzly, we are recognised for our exquisite eye for detail and luxurious custom homes and commercial spaces. From the Concept Development phase to Project Management when we deliver turn-key solutions to our clients, through to the final touches of Property Styling, we understand the value of every detail and every phase. Moreover, we undertake new build projects from the beginning, which is a great opportunity to determine the interior architecture, develop the ideal concept and fully optimise the functionality.

Let’s look at some of the main reasons why hiring an interior designer to realise your vision could be one of the most cost-effective decisions you will make.

Bedroom concept by Roomzly.

Interior Design will Save Your Time and Bring you Peace of Mind

Designing a space is a complex project that demands full-time attention and management. It requires hours of careful planning, outlining concepts, drawing and drafting, weighing options and sourcing products. Conceptualising and merging various idea to produce a cohesive outcome that will live and grow with you requires time and knowledge. The result should complement your lifestyle, creating a unique personal print that stands the test of time. 

Most Importantly, when an experienced team is working on your home, you are at peace and can focus on other areas of your life.

Sometimes the perception of interior design gives a false impression that it is easy to do. However, that is only because this idea only scratches the surface and does not take the hard phases into account. By the time a designer reaches a phase of matching colour palette with throw cushions, 90% of the project has already been completed.

It is important to stress, that endless research and visits to showrooms, choosing finishes, furniture and lighting sources, besides being time- consuming could leave you anxious and even more confused. These situations lead to cutting corners, generate various complications and unnecessary expenses. This brings us to the next reason why hiring an Interior Designer is a better solution.

Interior Designer will work within your Budget and Make the Most of it

An experienced designer will work with you to optimise your space, as well as know where to get the best brands, finishes, furniture, for the best prices. Another important perk of hiring an Interior Designer is their liaison with trades, getting access to services and products at trade-only pricing. These collaborations and solutions will uplift your space on many levels, and the cost savings can be significant.

The creative team at Roomzly develops astonishing 3D renderings, that help our clients visualise the space before executing costly constructions. After agreeing on the project, we make sure that the vision comes to life exactly as in the design drawings.

Our Design Oversight follows across with problem-solving throughout the project and guarantees the B2B prices. Next, our Project Management will make sure that the project runs its course according to budget and schedule. It’s worth mentioning that our value engineering solutions and execution to highest standards have proven successful in making self-sustaining investments.

Kitchen design by Roomzly.

Increased Property Value

Having your property designed by an Interior Designer is a great example of getting the best value for money. Designers’ homes have a weight and a certain appeal, boosting the value of your property on the market.

It goes beyond a beautiful interior; it’s the functional layout, the colour scheme and the atmosphere, the feeling of the efficiency of everything working together in a harmonious flow. Moreover, while carefully managing your budget, an Interior Designer will always put emphasis on critical points in the interior that promote its quality and give it a sound advantage in the property market.

Bathroom design by Roomzly.

To find out more about how you can benefit from hiring an Interior Designer, contact us today or book a free consultation with one of our designers. Let us transform your space!