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Interior Design

The bread and butter of what we do is create stylish and functional home design concepts that offer our clients detailed visualisations of any room, alongside full technical specifications and an itemised shopping list of where to buy each item.

Redecorating a property often leaves you with a blank canvas, the opportunity to redesign, reinvigorate and renew your relationship with your home. Having full creative reign, however, also means you may not know where to start. This is where Roomzly steps in. Our designers work with you to create an interior design concept that effortlessly aligns style and comfort with your everyday lifestyle.

Using your existing floor plans, we begin by fully understanding your requirements, after which our creative juices spring into action. We’ll propose new furniture layouts that maximise living space and offer home design recommendations to create cohesion throughout your home, all of which will be rendered in 3D – helping you visualise the end result. We’ll also give you a full set of technical specifications and a shopping list of where to buy each item, so you can recreate the exact look yourself – or task us to do this for you!


Our six-step design process


Step one

Understanding your requirements and what you’re looking to achieve.

Step four

Creating technical specifications that include scaling of items featured in the renderings.

Step two

Spatial planning and furniture layouts that are built around your habits and lifestyle.

Step five

Sharing a full shopping list of where to source each item.

Step three

Developing a design concept, which brings together layout and interior styling.

Step six

Recreating the look off paper and onto your living space.

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